Tucker Veibell – Brigham City, Utah

June 18, 2018

Watching this family grow has been the absolute best! I can’t tell you how much I love this family especially their newest addition Tucker! The Vebills have become such good friends of ours. Building a friendship with clients is so special. Being able to be there for sweet moments like these have been a highlight in my career. Can we take a moment to appreciate Tuckers perfectly kissable cheeks and his stunning eyes, because I am smitten! Celeste wasn’t going to take newborn pictures but I convinced her! She had to, after two girls a boy and now Tucker, their perfect family was complete she had to take pictures of her last baby! Celeste was worried Cooper would try and steal the show during the shoot but he was so sweet with his younger brother. I am so sad this is their last baby; I cried teas of joy when Celeste told me she was pregnant again! May I direct your attention to Tuckers beautiful nursery, perfectly designed by Celeste, I am in love!


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