The Shumways – Joshua Trees St. George, Utah

December 2, 2018

Lauren literally paid her deposit in September. With her living in Las Vegas and me living in northern Utah- we both desperately tried to figure out a way it would work. Luckily she was willing to meet me in St George! We thought it wasn’t going to work because they got stuck behind a car accident and a traffic app they were looking at said they were going to be delayed 3 hours. OH MAN that would have been terrible. But they made it and it was so so awesome! Her kids were so much fun and the whole family looked so amazing!!! Lauren and I grew up in the same small home town. Both of us lived on our respective family farms out in the middle of nowhere. I have taken her sisters family photos every year for a while now, so Lauren decided it was her turn and made it work!


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Follow along | @macibphotography