The Maughans – Logan, Utah

December 4, 2018

Man oh man! There is just so much I can say about this family so I better get started. OK so first of all lets talk about Kylee’s dress. We were in Arizona for the Showit United Photography conference and Kylee and Hiliary, another amazing Kylee Ann Photographer, wanted to go to the formal gala on the last day of the conference. Neither of them really packed for the occasion so we decided to hit Nordstrom Rack to see what they had to offer as far as formal attire went. Even before we parked, we had all agreed that finding a pink sequines dress would be pretty ideal for Kylee, cause not only was it “on brand” but it’s basically what she bleeds. Yes, Kylee Ann Maughan bleeds pink sequins. I should trademark that, cause if you know her its pretty dang accurate. Anyways, we got into the store, and were looking at the small dress section they had and what did I find, in her size, the absolute last one? This pink sequins dress. We also found Hiliary and AMAZING silver velvet dress and wow oh wow did she look hot in that dress. For Kylee, it was basically fate so she bought the dress and went off to the gala with Hil in style.

Moving right along. I have been trying to nail down the Maughan family for MONTHS to get their family pictures done. But I travel a lot, and so do Kylee & Luke – separately. Then just when we thought it would work out, Luke had surgery and poor little Piper broke her collar bone. We decided snow would be a fun back drop, and once Kylee got that pink sequins dress it was looking to be a formal event, family photos. CAN I JUST SAY HELLLL YES?! I love formal clothes. How often are we ever in formal clothes?! How fun is it?! Everyone looking like a 10, feelin like a 10, in fur no less. Kylee went all out and I could not have been happier. The best part of it all, I think, was seeing Piper COME ALIVE in her beautiful dress and fancy pink fur. SO SO GOOD. She was the happiest soul ever in 25 degree weather.

The location I chose, I chose all the way back in May when we decided I was taking her family pictures this year. I knew it was a great winter location because I have shot there before. I have never shot children there, and shooting children in cold weather could be a challenge but I was pretty dang confident going into this shoot because I knew all the advantages to shooting there. Sure enough everything I expected would happen, happened – all in a wonderful way. It was snowing, creating the most stunning snow-globe effect.  We were almost to the location, and the road were SUCKY. Kylee was driving and had no confidence whatsoever. hahahha she definitely grew up in Washington, not utah. But we survived, everything turned out beautiful and my newer edit looked perfect on these images. Thank you to whomever read this whole thing! haha enjoy! 🙂


***** One last thing. Kylee Marco Polo’d me while viewing her gallery for the first time. Can everyone do that?! As photographers, I think words of affirmation is a HUGE thing for us and I thrive on reactions. IT was amazing.


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