Stefan & Charlie – Orlando, Florida Temple

June 18, 2018

This whole trip was a dream! From the wedding to walking through Diagon alley in the Wizarding World of Harry potter. I had my photographer friend Becca come with me on this trip, to help out with Brees and I am so glad I had her on this trip! The wedding its self was perfect. Charlie is the youngest of 10 kids, there were so many kids between all her nephews and nieces and Stefans as well. I have to say they were the most well behaved kids! The Orlando temple is so beautiful, it had to have been the perfect day! Charlie’s dress flowed behind her as she ran bare foot with her band new husband giving off beach vibes with a sophisticated spin, I loved it! Stefan and Charlie had a ring ceremony and the tears Stefan shed as he saw his bride walking down the isle had to be the sweetest thing.

Since I flew all the way down to Florida to shoot this wedding of course I had to make it over to Universal studios to see Harry Potter world! I felt just like Harry walking through Diagon alley, into Gringotts on to the Hogwarts express and into Hogsmeade! I just about cried when I saw Hogwarts it was perfect! I just needed a half giant whispering in my ear “yer a wizard Maci” and I just would have believed it!


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