Preston High Prom- Logan, Utah

June 18, 2018

Britten and Kambree always ask me to take photos of their group for dances, and I have loved getting to know them over the past couple years. This was their senior prom and I am bummed I wont get to take their pictures any more! The group overall was a blast, by the end of the night I could call them all by name! As a photographer you meet so many people, sometimes for only a couple hours at a time, and I think truly caring about your clients and taking the time and effort to remember their names is so important!

We took these pictures at Mack Park, the light shining through the trees was just too pretty to pass up! A lot of people must have had the same idea because there were TONS of other high school prom kids taking pictures at the park too! I counted kids from 5 different high schools and from two different states; it was quite the popular place!


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