Momma & Brees – Hyde Park, Utah

June 18, 2018

I had to get some pictures with the spring flowers and document my first Mother’s Day, what a special day to remember! I hopped on to a photography forum to ask if anyone wanted to do a trade and my friend Becca took me up on the offer! So we both showed up looking cute with our kids! Becca brought her two blue-eyed beautiful girls they were so sweet and did so well! When it was our turn of course Brees decided she was going to be a little grumpy, but she pulled through after a few snacks and a little adventure (my child for sure) I edited my pictures, and a few of Becca’s, and I am just so happy with the way they turned out! Becoming a mother has been the most surreal experience, from morning sickness all nine months to holding her for the first time. It hasn’t always been easy but I never could have imagine a love like this.


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Follow along | @macibphotography