Kris Talbot || Senior || Logan, Utah Photographer

June 18, 2018

Adidas advertisement or senior photo shoot I’ll let you decide! All I know is that after seeing how cool Kris looks in his Adidas shirt I am thinking I need to go out and get one myself! I had previously taken Kris’s older brothers senior pictures and I am so glad I got to take his as well! Kris is graduating from Franklin county high, he has the best smile, enjoys playing video games, and modeling in his spare time, just kidding (but really Kris you really should think about it) Kris brought his friend to help make him laugh and get some genuine smiles, but I really don’t think he needed too much help! Kris works for a shed building company and early that day had almost sliced his fingers off! He had a big bandage a nasty cut and a good story!


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