Justin & Kendra – Antelope Island

June 18, 2018

I have come to love this couple, from never meeting them until their wedding day, to taking their formals months after the wedding Justin and Kendra are simply the best! This gorgeous duo got married in July 2017 I was pregnant and tired but the wedding was amazing and the food was to die for! I seriously could not have picked a better job, who else gets to work and stuff their face with amazing wedding food at the same time! Since we never got a chance to get together before the wedding to take their formals, which their photography package included, the Alexanders made a little trip to come out here! They drove out from Aspen, Colorado with their dog ordered a hotel on Priceline to only make it there and realize the hotel was super sketchy. So they ended up pay a ton for a different hotel by the airport and so they could get a little shuteye. Kendra made her bouquet and did her hair and make up, she looked stunning! We decided on Antelope Island because of the variety of backgrounds, and I think we made the right choice! It ended up being freezing, the wind was blowing and it just hurt, but Justin and Kendra pulled it off flawlessly. You can’t even tell looking at their pictures they we were freezing our butts off! Justin and Kendra love each other so much, you can see it in the way they look at each other and they way the treat one another! I wish them nothing but a happy life and hope they stay just a sweet in the years to come!


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