Jeter Nield – Logan, Utah

June 2, 2019

For me pregnancy was rough, the absolute best part of it all was the delivery. My birth experience was so amazing and empowering, I loved having my photographer there and cherish the photos I got that day. I wanted more opportunities to participate in that incredible experience this time behind the camera. So I put it out on my Instagram that I wanted to do more birth stories! Celeste reached out to me, we got talking about when her baby was due and I asked if I could photograph her birth and she agreed! The whole experience was a dream! Since she was induced it was in the middle of the day and she only labored for a few hours! Celeste did such a good job, I think the pictures speak for themselves, it was such a beautiful and emotional experience, women are amazing!! Her husband was so loving and so supportive, I loved being a fly on the wall for this birth! ┬áDuring the birth I took pictures and video, but I didn’t tell her what I was doing and got to surprise her with a video of the birth! I am definitely an amateur videographer but I am so proud of the way that it turned out! I now want to do a million births so if anyone wants a birth photographer I am your woman!! Scroll down to the bottom to watch the video and get all the feels!!! (warning it might make you want to have a baby)


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