Jaice Thompson || Senior || Logan, Utah Photographer

June 18, 2018

I just love photographing the Thomson family! If you want to see some of the most badass family photos go find the Thomson family photo shoots, your jaw will drop! So when Lynley asked me to take Jaice’s senior pictures I jumped on the opportunity. If you knew you were going to strike gold wouldn’t you go for it? Let me tell you these pictures are GOLD! Lynley is the Queen of locations she always finds different and cool places for photo shoots! She found the locations for the last couple family photo shoots and found Jaice’s senior picture locations too! Jaice was so natural in front of the camera; he even scaled a building for the perfect picture! I ended up scraping my leg and almost fell off a ledge at one point, but hey I do whatever it takes to get the shot!



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Follow along | @macibphotography