Braxton & Maddi – Strawberry Canyon

July 6, 2018

I love meeting and getting to know clients and its even better when we have a crazy story to go along with it.

A long time ago Brady, my husband, went on a date with Maddi’s older sister Eden. It ended up being such an embarrassing date for Brady because he awkwardly ended up hugging Eden’s mom! Like, still awkward for him to this day. Fast-forward a few years Brady and I are married and in Fort Worth, Texas for Brady’s summer sales job. Eden and her husband Jordan happened to be in our ward- and same apartment complex! It was fun personally getting to know them and we became friends! Now Eden and her family live in Arizona, and its worked out for me to take their family pictures and/or hang out every time I’ve gone! When Maddi got engaged Eden referred her to me and thus this amazing photo shoot came to be!

When I first saw Maddi and Braxton, I had to laugh, they look SO similar to Eden and her husband Jordan! Maddi and Eden: Tall, strikingly beautiful blonds and Braxton and Jordan: Extremely tall golf players from two respective universities. That made things fun…

AH-mazing does not even begin to describe how this shoot went.  Maddi wanted wild flowers and mountains, so we headed over to Strawberry Canyon in Idaho! Braxton and Maddi were so fun; they were adventures and willing to try anything! Seriously go check out the last picture for an image that sums up how freaking cool this ended up being.

After the shoot was done, the pictures were edited and sent off I got a call from Maddi’s mom. The first thing she said was “we need to talk.” That immediately prompted me to thinking, “oh crap, what did i do?!”  I was so scared. But she followed that statement with “that shoot was amazing!” I love creating a lasting relationship with families like this, and I am looking forward to spending more time with this beautiful couple at their wedding in Meridian.  August can’t come soon enough!!

Best of all I got to meet Maddi and Eden’s mom, Shelly. We even got a picture hugging, just for Brady!

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