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August 13, 2017

When it comes to family pictures, no you don’t all have to wear matching shirts and kakis, Take the mother in this shoot for example, look at the pattern she is wearing and how it perfectly coordinates with the oldest sons shirt, or the youngest child wearing a beautiful white dress, making her stand out, helping her to not get lost in the mix!

Add your own personal spin, a location that means a lot, or in this case don’t take everything so seriously, if you scroll through you will find a picture where the Buse family allowed their personalities shine through when they asked to take a funny picture!

Family pictures are so important, what I love about them is no matter how the people in the photograph change the picture it self doesn’t. Memories that wont fade, you will look at your pictures and remember the gap your child once had between their two front teeth or the hair color you wont try again, all things that make and shape your family!

The Buse Family had fun they put their own personal touch and they will always remember what their family was like frozen in time just for a moment!


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