Ashlee McUne – Sky View High

January 6, 2019

I met Ashlee her Sophomore year at Sky view and now she is a senior!! I got to coach her in track, she throws shot discus and javelin! Last year she transferred to Green Canyon and I was so sad but she transferred back this year, I would like to think it was because she missed me, juuust kidding! Ashlee is not only an amazing thrower but she also an incredibly volleyball player! She has a scholarship at USU Eastern next year. Although volleyball is her primary sport I feel so lucky to have her for track!

Ashlee was a champ, it was 11 degrees outside, and we took some pictures of her in her volleyball uniform, talk about FREEZING our butts off!! We shot these pictures at old main hill on campus at Utah state because the pine trees are so pretty there! The whole session was freezing but Ashlee looked so good, from her makeup (done my talented friend Tia) to her outfits she was perfect!



Follow along | @macibphotography

Follow along | @macibphotography