My name is Maci Bingham and I am a natural light photographer based out of Cache Valley, Utah and Idaho.
I'm a farm girl raised in the most beautiful part of Washington with a passion for creating.
This is my little family...

It was my husband, Brady, me, and our sweet pup, Ace for just over 5 years before we got our lab/shorthair mix, Stone. Fifteen hours, yes HOURS after picking up our new pup, Brady and I welcomed our first daughter into the world, Brees Eileen Bingham. After two and a half years of focusing all our attention on our baby girl, we decided it was time for her to have a little buddy, enter Lockett Wayne Bingham- and man, OH MAN, do we love our little boyfriend.

I got into photography a few years ago when my hunter hubby told me I needed to get a hobby and bought me my first camera. After about 2 years of amateurism I finally decided to photograph people professionally and haven't looked back since!
I competed for Idaho State then Utah State in track for 5 years and loved every hard second of it. I became an NCAA All-American my final year in the hammer throw.

Sports are my life. Don't get me wrong, I love being creative and the art behind photography, but when asked about my passion, I will say sports. Growing up on a farm with 5 other siblings, things were competitive, always. How else were my parents supposed to channel the energy of 6 crazy kids? As I've become an adult, I have learned that I love traveling and meeting new people! Brees got her passport when she was 3 weeks old! When I am not traveling, I am busy decorating my home, it has also become something I have absolutely fallen in love with. I love the color white, McCary Meats beef jerky, S'Mores, Harry Potter Marathons, boating, and being around family.

the photog behind the lens

a closer look at

I've been loving this photography adventure and absolutely adore EVERY.SINGLE. ONE Of my clients. In fact, if by the end of my sessions we arent friends I definitely feel like I have failed.  Making each session unique and special is my favorite part of capturing moments. It really and truly brings me so much joy seeing families laugh, couples that are in love, and seniors so ready for their new adventure. My husband makes fun of me because when I edit I cannot take the cheeseball smile off my face...and listening to music when I edit...I CRY. I 100% believe that what I do with my camera matters. It matters because moments cannot be relived, moments cannot be replicated, moments are kept in our hearts forever. Moments are what I strive to capture.
Meeting new people and making art with them is my favorite thing to do!

...moments cannot be replicated, moments are what I strive to capture...

MY philosophy

Follow along | @macibphotography

Follow along | @macibphotography