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Tyson and Kyndra are part of our “summer family” (Tyson works with Brady) Kyndry (the blond) set up this photo shoot as a Christmas present for her mom how sweet is that! A photo shoot would be an awesome gift for any family member. An anniversary shoot for your significant other, some pictures for a […]

I just love repeat customers, I was able to take Jaynee’s brothers senior pictures, their engagement pictures now their formals and keep an eye out for their wedding pictures! It is always so fun to create and maintain a relationship with customers! These were fun to take! we took them in Washington at a christmas […]

Aren’t they just the cutest, look how ecstatic Nik was to introduce his wife to his friends and family, I just cant handle how much I loved watching their cute personalities together! Every time photograph a couple at the Colombia River temple I love to find different ways to capture the temple. I love that […]

These senior photos were taken at Palouse Falls. The last time I did a photo shoot at Palouse falls I shot the most adventurous bridal shoot ever climbing down a cliff and back out with a wedding dress make up and a camera and we almost got bitten by a rattle snake (no joke my […]

Johny works with my husband Brady, both of them are really into hunting so of course they are the best of friends and have been for years. Sam is just the coolest, she currently lives on the upper west side of New York and works for Jet Blue airlines, she gets to fly everywhere for […]

I just adore this couple, aren’t they stunning! I loved how class they both looked, Sam’s dress was absolutely perfect for a winter wedding. It was such a cold day, but who cares about the cold when you have someone to hold you tight. I took Johny and Sam’s engagements and photographed their wedding day […]

“Might have a little dirt on my boots but i’m takin you uptown tonight might have a little mud on my wheels but their gonna shine with you up inside” These Cow girls and Cowboys were so fun and such good sports in the cold, it was freezing, but they still managed to be so […]

I just loved the fun background we had for these photos the colors just popped! This was the girls choice dance for Preston High School. These kids were just so cute; seriously, I never looked that good in high school, do kids these days even have an awkward stage? One of the boys wasn’t pretending […]

This couple is just stunning; they are the perfect models and are still just as in love as the day they were married! Rachelle is so beautiful and perfect for Trey. I love using this location when I am home, it is so pretty down at the river in any season.

Kim makes the most beautiful babies, I loved seeing the sibling relationship that her boys had it was so sweet! Can we just take a moment to admire this gorgeous bedroom!! Every thing in Kim’s home is perfect, she really should take her talents to HGTV and take over for Chip and Joanna #shiplap! Kim […]

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