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I  love that there are just more and more people to photograph every year I take this families pictures! This year they added 3 new babies it makes my heart so happy to see more people added to a family I love so dearly! Check out the chubby cheeks and beautiful smiles on Bart and […]

20 years, WOW! What an incredible blessing for this family, parents who love each other so dearly and have done for the past 20 years. You could hardly wipe the smiles off their faces! Cant you just tell by looking at the pictures what a happy family this is! So congrats Schwendiman’s, here is to […]

This couple is just stunning; they are the perfect models and are still just as in love as the day they were married! Rachelle is so beautiful and perfect for Trey. I love using this location when I am home, it is so pretty down at the river in any season.

This was a hard photo shoot for me. I have known Todd and Lisa for the majority of my life. Todd was just diagnosed with Cancer, so Lisa had me take these pictures for them. It reminded me of when my dad was diagnosed and we all got dressed up and took some pictures together […]

I am loving lifestyle photo shoots lately especially when they are in my home studio. Whitney and Chance have the sweetest baby girl, Maylie brought such a sweet sprit in the home, she was so pretty and Whitney had the cutest little headbands on her, I had some serious headband envy…if that’s a thing? I […]

The Nukaya family helped lay our sod in exchange for a mini shoot, and I am so thankful for them, I will remember them every time I play in the grass with my baby girl and furry children. This family is the nicest family you ever did meet, and their boys were well behaved and […]

I really should just let these pictures speak for themselves, but I will say this family is the BOMB, my jaw was seriously dropping as I edited these. I don’t think family photography could get any cooler than the Thomson family!

This little family of 4 is so much fun! I met Cortney and her husband Quentin when he worked with Brady and since have we have remained good friends! The last time I took the Belnaps pictures Cortney was pregnant with her first child Oakley, and man time has flown by, she will be two […]

I met the Stokes family when I was first dating Brady and at mutual friends house, they happen to currently be in our ward and I visit teach Tausha, small world! The two oldest boys both play football. Cole is the kicker and running back for Sky View and he is so fun to watch. […]

This was my first shoot after having my baby. It felt so good to be back, but it was so hard leaving her with Brady! I couldn’t wait to get back and snuggle her! This family is amazing, I just love them, I took their pictures last year at my in home studio just after […]

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