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20 years, WOW! What an incredible blessing for this family, parents who love each other so dearly and have done for the past 20 years. You could hardly wipe the smiles off their faces! Cant you just tell by looking at the pictures what a happy family this is! So congrats Schwendiman’s, here is to […]

This was a hard photo shoot for me. I have known Todd and Lisa for the majority of my life. Todd was just diagnosed with Cancer, so Lisa had me take these pictures for them. It reminded me of when my dad was diagnosed and we all got dressed up and took some pictures together […]

The Nukaya family helped lay our sod in exchange for a mini shoot, and I am so thankful for them, I will remember them every time I play in the grass with my baby girl and furry children. This family is the nicest family you ever did meet, and their boys were well behaved and […]

I really should just let these pictures speak for themselves, but I will say this family is the BOMB, my jaw was seriously dropping as I edited these. I don’t think family photography could get any cooler than the Thomson family!

Bevin and Shelby decided to find out the gender of their baby but not tell anyone else, everyone though it was going to be a boy even Shelby’s parents but surprise! It’s a girl! Bevin’s parents have 5 grandsons and baby Charley is their first granddaughter what a treat! Sweet little Charley May was born […]

This little family of 4 is so much fun! I met Cortney and her husband Quentin when he worked with Brady and since have we have remained good friends! The last time I took the Belnaps pictures Cortney was pregnant with her first child Oakley, and man time has flown by, she will be two […]

This was the family photo shoot of my dreams! They took having fun during a photo shoot and being comfortable in front of the camera to a whole new level. They had a blast playing in the water; their creativity in front of the camera was fun to watch. They genuinely love each other and […]

I look forward to taking Brennan and Halee’s pictures every year, I was there when they got married, when they added little Grayson to their family and now! I am so glad I got to take pictures of their fresh little addition, baby Mackson! Halee is a champ, who bounced back like nothing, and keeping […]

One thing I learned about this photo shoot is that sand and two year olds don’t always mix, lots of fun, but a huge distraction! This family was a blast, 3 boys whew, they were so fun, and I loved seeing them roll around (literally) and play in the sand. Throwing sand, laughing, hugging that […]

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