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January 21, 2017

Heidi went to a high school near mine in Washington. She and I shared a lot of friends but didn’t hang out a ton…but what made us friends was our love for soccer! We never played with each other or against each other, but we played the same position. When that position is keeper, it’s like you are basically the same person. Ironically enough, after getting to know her future hubby, he is very similar to mine! An amazing salesman, who loves hunting and fishing.

Heidi met Chad when they saw each other across the gym. Chad, being a bro, didn’t pursue his initial feelings because he had a friend who liked her first. He finally got the green light and its been fireworks ever since.

When Chad proposed, he rented out a movie theatre and invited all of Heidi’s close friends and family to attend the screening. It turned out to be a couple of real life movie commercials (to throw her off) then footage of Heidi and Chad and their relationship. By the end, Chad was on his knee and Heidi was saying “yes” to forever.

Both of them have a love for the gym and being active. Heidi just graduated from BYU-Idaho and is a personal trainer, so if you need any help reaching your goals at the gym and life in general, Heidi is your girl. It is so fun that they will be able to enjoy each others company in something that they both love for the rest of their lives.

I couldn’t be happier that Heidi and I connected so long ago because it lead her to me for engagements. I love getting a glimpse into the futures of old friends. It makes my heart so happy.

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