Dyrel Whitby Family || Basin City, Washington Photographer

August 20, 2016

Sure I am a little biased…but I am so completely obsessed with this family. My brother, Dyrel here, married the absolute best woman he possible could have when he married Lauren. And even though they were completely scared to tell me they were going to have a baby, I am SO glad they had Conrad. Conrad is the most active 13 month old child I’ve ever met. He is constantly moving and on an adventure to find something to play with.

I love his playful tough spirit. One example of how awesome he is: My parent have an above ground trampoline and the boy can climb off of it all by himself! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! What a little man beast.

I was so excited to take their family pictures because I knew it would be so fun and adorable. Conrad came from two good looking parents so I knew it would be just picture perfect.

OH PS. At the end of this session is a picture of my master bedroom currently with the sign that Lauren made for me…follow her at @laurensdesignsandsigns on Instagram and check out her work….Because it’s AMAZING!

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