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Aren’t they just the cutest?! Nik and Jaynee are from Pasco Washington, they dated a little bit in high school went off to serve missions for the LDS church came back and reconnected. Well one thing let to another and now they are getting married in January, ahh I just love a good love story! […]

Johny works with my husband Brady, both of them are really into hunting so of course they are the best of friends and have been for years. Sam is just the coolest, she currently lives on the upper west side of New York and works for Jet Blue airlines, she gets to fly everywhere for […]

I was originally supposed to take Shonna and Jays pictures for their wedding, but found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after they gave me their deposit and it turned out I was due on their wedding day! As a HUGE “I’m sorry” and wedding fit I offered to do a fun session for them […]

Engagement shoots are always so easy, they usually giggle their way through the whole session and are so smitten with each other I hardly ever have to pose a couple they just do it for me! I met Chelsey at Utah State, we did track together, and she was a high jumper! I also had […]

Taking pictures of close friends and family could possibly be one of my favorite things; I get to be involved in some of the most special moments like a new baby a wedding, or the start of a beautiful new relationship. I got to spend time with Jaden my cousin, and his beautiful fiancé and […]

Brittney Jo is from Royal City, so she knows what I am talking about when I say Eastern Washington is the best and thank goodness she found Nate so they ended up in probably the second best place, Logan! Brittney Jo met Nate through her brother when they were serving a mission together. The wrote […]

In January I made it up to Washington and was lucky enough to take pictures of Adi and Ty. This adorable couple is from Zillah Washington and they came all the way to the Basin for their shoot! One of my friends I had competed against in high school and college had referred me as […]

Heidi went to a high school near mine in Washington. She and I shared a lot of friends but didn’t hang out a ton…but what made us friends was our love for soccer! We never played with each other or against each other, but we played the same position. When that position is keeper, it’s like […]

Snow does a lot of things, cause car crashes, ruins perfectly curled hair BUT snow also does a lot of amazing things. Like catches on hair and eyelashes, creating the most beautiful details. Oh! And when you slip on the slick terrain with someone there to catch you it creates special moments and even more adorable pictures! This shoot […]

This incredible couple was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph! Not only are they beautiful, they are my family!!! Italia is my cousin, and boy do I feel blessed to have her! Her and Jonathon are quite the power couple, they are amazing!! We froze our bums off but, hey […]

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