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I loved being a mom on this special day, as her dad gave her a sweet blessing I couldn’t help but her future and all she will accomplish as she grows. I can’t wait to see what life holds for this amazing little girl of mine. So many things about this day were special. Brees […]

Introducing the sweetest little thing, my nephew Drake! Drake is my third nephew and my brother Dyrels second child! He is a little chunk and even though he is 2 months younger than Brees he is already catching up in size. I’m teaching Brees a few fighting technics now so she stands a chance when […]

Bevin and Shelby decided to find out the gender of their baby but not tell anyone else, everyone though it was going to be a boy even Shelby’s parents but surprise! It’s a girl! Bevin’s parents have 5 grandsons and baby Charley is their first granddaughter what a treat! Sweet little Charley May was born […]

This little family of 4 is so much fun! I met Cortney and her husband Quentin when he worked with Brady and since have we have remained good friends! The last time I took the Belnaps pictures Cortney was pregnant with her first child Oakley, and man time has flown by, she will be two […]

I have been waiting for this day practically my whole life to become a mother and it’s a crazy experience to be taking pictures of my own sweet little babe! Brees got to pose with her fur brother, I kept asking Ace a series of questions like “Wanna treat? Do you want to go outside?” […]

I look forward to taking Brennan and Halee’s pictures every year, I was there when they got married, when they added little Grayson to their family and now! I am so glad I got to take pictures of their fresh little addition, baby Mackson! Halee is a champ, who bounced back like nothing, and keeping […]

Its been such a joy watching this little sweetheart grow up, from taking her newborns to now with her turning ONE!! Where has time gone? Little Tenley is such a happy little thing and has the biggest personality. She was so excited to smash that cake and destroyed it faster than you could say happy […]

I love this family so much, so my heart could hardly contain it when they became a family of 4! This sweet thing was 7 lbs and 5 oz of pure cuteness. Hospitals aren’t always the most beautiful of backdrops, but with the softness of the natural light and sweet candid moments between this beautiful […]

Andrea and her husband Collin brought their sweet son to my home studio. When I first saw him I could not believe how incredibly handsome he is!!! Their “homie with an extra chromie.” I was so privileged to have Case (yes like the tractor) in my home. Newborn babies bring such a special and sweet […]

Newborn photography is not something I don’t very often but every time I do I can’t help but swoon. I love the feeling I get when looking at a newly born baby, the hope, the endless possibilities, the innocence… I couldn’t help but to think how that sweet babe, only a couple days old, was […]

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