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Its been such a joy watching this little sweetheart grow up, from taking her newborns to now with her turning ONE!! Where has time gone? Little Tenley is such a happy little thing and has the biggest personality. She was so excited to smash that cake and destroyed it faster than you could say happy […]

I love this family so much, so my heart could hardly contain it when they became a family of 4! This sweet thing was 7 lbs and 5 oz of pure cuteness. Hospitals aren’t always the most beautiful of backdrops, but with the softness of the natural light and sweet candid moments between this beautiful […]

Andrea and her husband Collin brought their sweet son to my home studio. When I first saw him I could not believe how incredibly handsome he is!!! Their “homie with an extra chromie.” I was so privileged to have Case (yes like the tractor) in my home. Newborn babies bring such a special and sweet […]

Newborn photography is not something I don’t very often but every time I do I can’t help but swoon. I love the feeling I get when looking at a newly born baby, the hope, the endless possibilities, the innocence… I couldn’t help but to think how that sweet babe, only a couple days old, was […]

Dani had her adorable baby Andi Lynn, 2 months ago and waited until I got to Oklahoma to get her pictures done. Seriously, this blue-eyed baby girl is SO ADORABLE!! She has her momma’s eyes and lips, and her daddy’s nose and smile. Honestly, this family is picture perfect. Andi was a rockstar during this […]

I love this mom and this baby. Right before this session, I went to Courteney’s house when she was feeding Mia dinner. While  I was kind of playing with Mia during dinner I taught her a new trick! I mean it was nothing huge, but now every time she does it, my heart gets so happy. […]

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