Brennan & Halee Whitby Family || Basin City, Washington Photography

July 27, 2016

Brennan and Halee’s wedding was my VERY FIRST wedding. I was a little (lotta) nervous when I took them.  Their wedding photos actually turned out pretty good for it being my first solo one. And look at them now! They have the most adorable 5 month old baby boy. Halee actually booked with me back in January when I had my giveaway, and it was a dang good thing she did cause she got exactly what day she wanted before I got completely booked solid on this trip to Washington. I am so glad too, because she was one of my first shoots here and it set the perfect tone for my trip. Halee looked like a movie star with her beautiful curly hair– both of them SO tan. Grayson had just been getting over being sick so he wasn’t as smiley as he usually is but he wasnt fussy at all– like a true champ. He seriously is so cute. I could just eat his chubby cheeks, I LOVE HIS CHEEKS!! He also has the most mesmerizing eyes! I got lost in them multiple times when I was editing these.

This little family lives out in the middle of Whitby Farms near a tiny, desert town in Southeast Washington. Basin City is a farming oasis and Brennan and Halee are right in the center of it. Because they are a farming family, Halee wanted a farm themed shoot, so we decided to stay local and I am so glad we did! Not only were the locations personal to the family, but they turned out beautifully! Here are some highlights from their fun farm session!

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