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This was the family photo shoot of my dreams! They took having fun during a photo shoot and being comfortable in front of the camera to a whole new level. They had a blast playing in the water; their creativity in front of the camera was fun to watch. They genuinely love each other and […]

Dakota booked late so the only day I had available was when I was in Sandpoint! Well guess what, her family has a cabin up there so they made a trip out of it, they went to silver wood and met up with me at their cabin in Sweitzer ski resort. This turned out to […]

I bet if you looked up STUNNING, ADORABLE, and PERFECT in the dictionary you might just find the name Lexi Bennett! This giggly beautiful girl was a natural in front of the camera. Her blond hair was so much fun to play with, letting the light shine through making a bright halo around her face […]

I love this girl with all my heart I am so happy she is my sister! I had so much fun this trip up to Washington I had so much fun exploring Sand point together it was a blast driving around looking for locations. We spent basically all our time together, she is seriously my […]

I look forward to taking Brennan and Halee’s pictures every year, I was there when they got married, when they added little Grayson to their family and now! I am so glad I got to take pictures of their fresh little addition, baby Mackson! Halee is a champ, who bounced back like nothing, and keeping […]

My brother isn’t the easiest person to photograph, I would even say wiggly little son might be easier, at least his smiles! Dyrel thinks he can talk back since I’m his little sister, but I showed him, I even got a few genuine smiles out of him! Lauren picked the perfect place for their family […]

I love repeat clients, its so fun being able to build a relationship with them over time and be a part of some of their special moments in life. So when the Price family asked me to take Makennas senior pictures I was all over that! I have taken her brother’s senior pictures, who took […]

One thing I learned about this photo shoot is that sand and two year olds don’t always mix, lots of fun, but a huge distraction! This family was a blast, 3 boys whew, they were so fun, and I loved seeing them roll around (literally) and play in the sand. Throwing sand, laughing, hugging that […]

I am so glad I made a little trip to Sandpoint, Idaho it was a blast spending time with family! I took my sister Halli and we were able to take not only Hannah’s senior pictures but Halli’s as well and I couldn’t have had a better time! Sandpoint is probably one of my favorite […]

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