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Brittney Jo is from Royal City, so she knows what I am talking about when I say Eastern Washington is the best and thank goodness she found Nate so they ended up in probably the second best place, Logan! Brittney Jo met Nate through her brother when they were serving a mission together. The wrote […]

In January I made it up to Washington and was lucky enough to take pictures of Adi and Ty. This adorable couple is from Zillah Washington and they came all the way to the Basin for their shoot! One of my friends I had competed against in high school and college had referred me as […]

Heidi went to a high school near mine in Washington. She and I shared a lot of friends but didn’t hang out a ton…but what made us friends was our love for soccer! We never played with each other or against each other, but we played the same position. When that position is keeper, it’s like […]

I love the brilliance of the white snow against the white of a gorgeous wedding dress! I took Jesse and Sara’s engagement photos and really enjoyed getting to know them, what a special couple! They are the best of friends and are so adventurous! Sara and Jesse wanted to do their formals after their wedding […]

I have been exceptionally blessed with the most BEAUTIFUL clients! Jacki, a fellow photographer, and is pregnant with her fourth! Say WHAAA, how can a woman look this good pregnant…. let alone pregnant with her fourth!! Jacki got her hair and make up done by B. Beautiful artistry, and the stunningly beautiful dress was from […]

There was SO much snow in the Payson, it made the most amazing backdrop for the wedding day! Something that was unique about this wedding is that it was later at night. When Jett and Jessica came out of the temple it was so close to dark! I have never taken any wedding pictures outside the temple […]

Jessica is one of the most strikingly beautiful brides I have ever met, there is just something about her smile and her eyes that just take your breath away! I gave them way too many pictures because every picture was basically perfect! These pictures were taken the day before the wedding so it was crunch […]

Their wedding day was finally here, the day was a little freezing, the sun was shining, and everyone was so happy! Something fun about this family was that Natalie, the bride, and I share an aunt! So basically that makes us family! I really had fun seeing my cousins and my aunt and uncle at the […]

I have grown to really adore and admire Natalie and Spencer; they are the sweetest couple with so much excitement for life’s adventures! Their formals turned out beautifully, even if it did rain during their entire session. They pulled it off flawlessly! I really enjoy taking pictures at the Logan temple, its rich stone colors […]

Snow does a lot of things, cause car crashes, ruins perfectly curled hair BUT snow also does a lot of amazing things. Like catches on hair and eyelashes, creating the most beautiful details. Oh! And when you slip on the slick terrain with someone there to catch you it creates special moments and even more adorable pictures! This shoot […]

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