Maci Bingham


My name is Maci Bingham and I am a natural light photographer based out of Cache Valley, Utah and Idaho.
I’m a farm girl raised in the most beautiful part of Washington with a passion for creating.
This is my little family! My husband, Brady, me, and my sweet pup, Ace! I got into photography a few years ago when my hunter husband told me I needed to get a hobby and bought me my first camera. After about 2 years of amateurism I finally decided to take pictures professionally and haven’t looked back since! I competed for Idaho State then Utah State in track for 5 years and loved every hard second of it. I became an NCAA All-American my final year in the hammer throw.

The last couple of months I’ve been trying to figure out who I am outside of athletics and it’s been HARD. I still try to participate in any sports as much as possible; soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball etc! So if anyone wants to play please call me! I’ve been loving this photography adventure and absolutely adore EVERY.SINGLE. ONE Of my clients.

I love traveling and meeting new people! I just built a house with my hubby in the cutest town in northern Utah. I love the color white, Mobettas Hawaiian Grill, Harry Potter Marathons, and playing with my nieces and nephews (adopted and biological).

Making each session unique and special is my favorite part of capturing moments. Everyone has a different story to tell and it’s my goal to have their photos reflect that!
Meeting new people and making art with them is my favorite thing to do!


***About Me Photos Courtesy of Sami Jo Photography